Thursday, April 19, 2012

Technology and Aesthetics

I was thinking about our discussion today in class, and was left wondering what role technology plays in our views/emotions towards nature.

Ritwick asked if experiencing nature first-hand is required for that emotional or spiritual connection associated with aesthetics. I personally think it is - none of us really had an emotional reaction to seeing the Double Rainbow footage in the video. Undoubtedly, double rainbow guy’s sound-effects probably took away from that intimate personal experience that we could have had, but I think that speaks to the importance of “framing” or presenting. Although he had a spiritual connection, we interpreted it as being funny and that perhaps took away from the reaction we “should’ve” had towards the double rainbow. Basically, how the natural episode is framed/presented makes a difference i.e. we’d have a different appreciation if a double rainbow was filmed on a Planet Earth special compared to on that youtube video.

Technology is certainly a great way for people who can’t otherwise experience certain places to get a feel for what that area is like; however, videotaping or taking pictures of nature subtracts from the emotional connection that the person could’ve had, in turn, disempowering that natural feature. Do you agree?

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